Receivables Management Solutions

HMI offers a variety of recovery solutions. We understand the importance of managing receivables and the tasks associated with effectuating prompt payment. A smooth and efficient process will always deliver a positive bottom line regardless of industry. Utilizing the right tools and resources is essential in achieving successful recoveries.

Our Call Center Solutions
With our call center solutions our customers can focus on their core business product while leaving the internal collections process to us. Our services extend far beyond handling seriously delinquent accounts, we can offer outsourced business solutions that will save both valuable time and money. HMI offers call center solutions for both health care and retail service industry providers.

Health Care Financial Services
HMI provides professional recovery services with an extensive background in health care. According to the national average, Workers’ compensation generates approximately 3% of hospital revenue and self-pay is an estimated 7%. MVA-Liability matters are categorized as “other” and generate approximately 1% of hospital revenue. Allocating internal resources with a focus on commercial insurance and Medicare financial classes and outsourcing the rest will absolutely deliver a positive net gain.

Insurance Follow-Up
With budget cuts and staffing concerns, we understand that health care providers may not have the resources to adequately follow up on complex matters. HMI provides insurance follow-up and dispute resolution when an insurance company has failed to pay timely. Our services extend to commercial insurance and workers’ compensation. If payment has not been received within 60 days of billing, typically, additional information is required in order to process payment or the payer is simply stalling. We turn to the Insurance Code and Labor Code to ensure payers stay on task and pay your claims promptly.


Liability claims are handled by our subrogation department. Our highly trained personnel will investigate, obtain the facts, identify the responsible parties, prepare lien filings, and properly notify the parties with a stamped filed copy of the lien filing. Remember, no one can release a lien but the lien holder, and timely filing is essential to protecting your lien.


What our clients say:

HMI has been our business outsourcing partner since 2006. I’m very pleased with the high rate of recovery HMI has delivered in addition to excellent customer service I have received. HMI is first class all the way! I would highly recommend HMI to any health care provider looking to dramatically increase revenue and decrease costs.  – Melvin Jones, Director PFS