Audit Services

Our Audit Services extend to bill audit fee analysis, retrospective claim reviews and zero balance audits to help identify inaccurate or duplicate billings as well as missed recovery opportunities.

Duplicate Bill Audit Fee Analysis
If your bill auditing company is charging a percentage of savings, then you are likely due a refund. We use a proprietary process and program specifically designed to look for data that would ordinarily take countless hours of manpower to sort through by hand. Using our process, we most recently identified approximately $133,000.00 in refunds due back a client — a significant amount for a small to mid-size company. The return could be even more significant if you are a large organization.

HMI has successfully recovered a substantial amount of revenue for its customers from retrospective review of open and closed claims. This is revenue that would have otherwise been lost.

For example: HMI identified a secondary payer that was overlooked and as a result an additional $70,000.00 in revenue was recovered.

Zero Balance Audits
HMI can provide zero balance audits to ensure that contractual obligations between a health care provider and a payer have been met. This typically extends to Managed Care contracts.

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